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Resolution problem

Question asked by xereticus on May 13, 2016
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Since I bought the computer with graphic card R7 260X, I have always had the same problem with the resolution.


The problem is that when I install the drivers from AMD, the resolution does not fit on the screen as it should.

When I install windows, the screen fits perfectly with the monitor frame, but after installing the drivers of AMD, and make scaling, two things happen;

Or the screen does not reach the end of the monitor, or passed.

The best explain is with pictures.


This is when I install windows without drivers.


This is when I apply 5% scaling.


And this is when I apply 4% scaling.


It is clearly seen as applying different scaled, the screen still does not fit in the monitor.


Well, I just wanted to know if drivers problem or my monitor, because I have no desire to buy a new one.

By the way, the native resolution is 1080



Thanks for reading.




PS. Sorry for the english.