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    Which crimson driver for my laptop? confused!


      I have a laptop with AMD A8-4500m CPU and Radeon HD 7670m GPU. I checked online for the latest radeon driver, and amd suggested two drivers, one was 15.7.1 and other was the latest crimson driver but an older version, 16.2.1. After installing the crimson driver, i got a software update notification for my amd driver. They suggested me to download 16.3.1, and when i click on it's release notes, and on that web page, it shows under compatible hardware, that it's supported from AMD Radeon™ HD 7700M - HD 7900M Series Graphics, but mine is 7670, which is older than the one which they support, but they suggested this driver. What should i do? Will updating to 16.3.1 be absolutely fine or will i face any problem? If i won't face any problem, then can i download the latest beta 16.5.1?