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    and again on The Division, just want clarity


      Respected AMD, I ask you to clarify a couple of points about The Division:


      1. Will this game work profile crossfire? Or is it possible not to wait each time with trembling the next hotfix driver hoping to see the release notes in the phrase: all the problems in the crossfire division eliminated completely, game works fine

      2. I am aware of the fact that the normal operation of two graphics cards in this game depends not only on you but also on the developer, but for myself I would like to understand from one of you more? Do you interact with such as Ubisoft that would eliminate all the disadvantages?


      –°onsider only the last 20 years I have bought your product, and that's on the horizon appeared the Polaris, but the certainty that I will buy it with each passing day it becomes less and less, as it turns out, the full support of the software / driver is probably the most important point for a successful product


      Although the answer I most likely will not get from you

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          Please install Crimson 16.8.3.
          I had the Flicker and Negative Scaling Issue on my system i74770K, GPU1 = Sapphire HD7970 OC 6GB, GPU2 = Sapphire R9 280x OC 3GB.

          Note my cards are not on the Crossfire Compatibility chart.

          For me negative scaling is  fixed since Crimson 16.8.1.
          I get FPS improvement of 1.42 in the Division on Ultra and can run at 56-60FPS at 1080p.

          I have to turn off Frame Rate Target Control and Frame Pacing otherwise any Crossfire title I run will Crash or Freeze. 


          Hope this helps.

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            You want to ask AMD directly then, as the response you get on this forum is from another user....and is their opinion only. You can do that several ways including a telephone call, however the most practical way is to e-mail them > Email Form