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      First watercooled rig I ever built. How am I doing so far?




      mid build.jpg


      almost done build.jpg

      tubing complete.jpg


      Unfortunately when adding my coolant. It turned pink........ It was also suppose to be UV red.


      dye turned pink.jpg



      The Red also does not glow like stated. Kinda flesh colored glow. Or something... not sure.

      So Ill have to redo that.


      So I got EKWB pastel red. I like this much much better. After a full night of leak testing. It is.. done. Or at least the tubing part. Now to put the rest in and hope the rig doesnt implode.

      truly red.jpg



      Final Build Pics happening tomorrow after my lights come in. Had to swap out red lights for white because the red just looked like a nightmare. Also the Cage plate is reserved for a nice big AMD sticker. (Hint Hint Amd *cough* wink) The front needs some customer work on the front plate. But I just dont have the time right now for that.

      ugly red.jpeg


      See this nightmare?! Waaaay to much red. Swapping to white lights.


      no lights.jpeg

      I do like the led temp sensors in the cage plate that I cut out from pelxi. Im almost ashamed to show the back of the pc during my "somebody please help me!" moment when trying to cable manage all of this mess.


      unfinished front..jpeg

      So I bought a brand new lamptron touch fan controller and it literally died after I got everything plugged in. I had to throw my old touch screen dual bay controller in there after a quick disassemble and paint. Ill have to change that out at one point as well.


      I hate the top and pretty much the front of it. im gonna try and find a decent top case mod. I also want to laser cut the front panel out and add in a light bar as soon as I figure out how. With AMD letters in red. I think that would look cool and really break up all the white. Maybe do something about that gap on the sides of the bluray and fan controller. it just looks awkward.


      Keep an eye out for more pics. This is gonna be a every changing project. I like it and I dont at the same time. I still want more oomph from it. Needs more obnoxious overkill. Kinda like a sweet sweet AMD sticker *cough*sendmeasticker*cough* for my cage plate.



      CPUAMD FX-8350
      MotherboardASRock Fatal1ty 990FX
      MemoryCorsair Dominator Platinum Series 32GB
      Disc Drive 1Samsung EVO 500Gb
      Disc Drive 2Samsung EVO 500Gb
      Disc Drive 3Samsung EVO 500Gb
      PSUCorsair HX1000
      CaseCorsair 900D
      MonitorWasabi Mango UHD40
      Disc Drive 4Samsung EVO 500Gb
      Disc Drive 5Samsung EVO 500Gb
      Disc Drive 6Samsung EVO 500Gb
      PCIE SSDCorsair ForceGT 240gb
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          WOW!  Super sweet setup!  Looking amazing.  Can't wait to see it complete!

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            Even with the color variant, it looks awesome.  Remember: It's not pink. It's lightish red.

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                Haha I went today and picked up pastel red. Think im just gonna scrap the UV idea. I have a cosemod comp coming up soon and I need to get this done.


                This will be my first casemod comp. So I at least want to go in with something nice.

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                Nice build. Some of the kinks in the tubs are far from ideal. "UV Red" is almost always pink, which is a sad thing since you can't really make a nice bright red.

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                  UV red is a really difficult color to get right for some reason for the manufacturers. Nearly every one has either very bad UV glow or none at all. Don't know why it's so hard to get right, but that's what I've learned.


                  But yeah anyway, your rig looks great. Considering it's your first custom liquid rig, it's just amazing. Clean and cool. Not to mention powerful, too. Brave choice to go for hardtube for your first one, was it acrylic or PETG?

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                    Not 100% sure if I am saying the correct advice but I think you should reduce the number of "curves" or probably better to say corners on your tubes. I can't remember the correct words in English right now. But I mean for example when your tube makes "L" shape. I think it put unwanted resistance for your pumps to circulate the fluid.


                    Over all nice job redllama, I like it. Too bad that red fluid does not ended up truly red.

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                        That really doesn't matter here, at all. That isn't good advice unfortunately.

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                          Thanks for the input. Was thinking about killing the curves in the tubes with fittings. But not sure if I wanna drop 300-400$ on fittings.

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                              Generally you really don't need to worry about bends lowering your flow rate unless you're running like some seriously strange, super super complex and weird stuff. You're running dual D5s right? Those things are powerful, not to mention two of them. Plus you only have two blocks plus the rads on your loop so there shouldn't be any problems with the flow rate. I'd bet you could run that with a single D5 no problem.


                              The EK pastel red does look very nice in your system. I've yet to try using EK pastels in any of the systems I've built for people but I've heard good things. I might go for it when I can afford to go back to custom liquid cooling for myself in the coming years. It's been a long time since I've had a custom loop for myself, haven't had one since like the Q6600 days due to financial issues.


                              You've done a very nice job for your first build. Be proud! Also, personally I prefer using bends over fittings most of the time. Just makes it look more exciting IMO.

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                            That is what I can call "Love at first sight", Awesome build man.

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                              very good. A lot of games with so many ssd?