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Crimson uninstalling Catalyst is a pain

Question asked by sylvethter on May 12, 2016

so, i dont know if this is the right place or not, if not, then my question is where is the right place to post this?

the frustration that i keep encountering is that i have to keep making use of the ccc 15.6 beta installer to reinstall Catalyst Control Center because the Crimson installer uninstalls CCC by force with every update, which would not be a problem, except that there are settings in CCC that are not in the Crimson Settings interface, but there is a link for Radeon Additional Settings under preferences and the Eyefinity advanced setup option, both of which open CCC. but every time i update Crimson, it uninstalls Catalyst, which causes those links to not do anything. who do i need to talk to to tell them that they need to either put all the settings from CCC into Radeon Settings or to stop forcing the uninstall of CCC?