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Dell Inspiron 570 Mainboard 4GJJT and AMD Phenom 1100T AMD-Overdrive is limiting

Question asked by anthem212 on May 13, 2016



i have a special question.

First of all, that is a Fun Projekt and a Custom build. If i ask some Of the Dellpeople...they would say it will not work.

The CPU is working. Its Stable. Its faster then the OC 965 BL. The BIOS and the Windows are not get known of the CPU. It is a unknown AMD Modell for them.

The Cpu is running at 800 MHZ. No Porblem, i start amd Overdrive and OC it to 3100 MHZ with the Multiplier of 15.5.

More is not Possible. I dont know why the slide of the Multiplier is always jumping back to 15.5 when i want to save the settings.

The normal Speed is 3300 of the CPU and 3800 should be working.

How i can manage that, All other OC-Tools i tried are not very good, and do not working so good as AMD-Overdrive.


Is that a savefuction of AmdOverdrive because the CPU is not known? How can i deaktivate that.








If you are intressted and want more information and Some Pictures. Here is a link. In the last Posts i explane exactly what  i did.

Inspiron 570 Ultimate "Uber" Upgrade Guide including Overclocking - General Hardware - Desktop - Dell Community