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    E1 processor upgrade


      I have directed both my BUDDY & my Girlfriend to purchase a pair of NEW  H-P Desktop / TOWER Computers BOTH with  AMD  E1 CPU's


      Both were purchased from OfficeMax / OfficeDepot in the last YEAR


      Neither is happy with the performance --- so ---


      we MAX'd out the RAM Memory from 4gb up to maximum of 16gb --- with still NO increase in performance :-(


      What other AMD computer chips  (CPU's) will fit and operate in this  E1 socket?  (What is the SOCKET  designation) ?


      These are relatively NEW computers for such SLOW performance. 


      Please advise

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          There are no E1 models for desktop as far as I know.

          If it's indeed an E1, then the OEM put a laptop CPU inside. They are soldered to the mainboard and cannot be swapped.

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              Thank You WillyFisch,


              That would EXPLAIN a few things


              YES ... H-P did in fact install a LapTop computer Motherboard into a Mid-Sized Desktop TOWER


              I was quite CURIOS when there was NO regulated Power Supply (PSU) and NO A/C Power Cord ...


              But ... instead a LapTop style Cord with a TRANSFORMER inline and a LapTop style "round" PLUG instead !


              Hewlett Packard has "cheaped" OUT and installed some left over LapTop BOARDS / PROCESSORS into TOWER Cases


              and quite PROMINENTLY advertised them as AMD  E1  Processors


              The ONLY thing that H-P did NOT explain was that their  POS  computers could NOT be upgraded (EVER) :-(


              So SAD ...


              BUYER BEWARE !!!


              OfficeMax / OfficeDEPOT  is selling these to UNSUSPECTING Customers as DESKTOP Computers


              When they appear to be UNDER powered / Recycled Laptop GUTS !!!


              Disgusted in INDIANA