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    change r6 to r7


      I have  2 built in graphics in my laptop.

      amd radeon r6 (primary)

      amd radeon (TM) r7 m360 (linked)


      how can i change the primary, r6 to r7?

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          You can't. It's listed as primary because the display on your laptop is wired to the integrated (r6) GPU. The r7 shows as linked which means it is enabled for Dual Graphics.

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              i have the same graphics but something very weird is happening.


              every time i log on the pc i got a blackscreen saying my video card recovered from an error.


              also im trying to play cs go and im getting no more than 70fps on 1024x768 all low. even my previous laptop from 2012 would get more fps.


              do you know what could be the root cause?