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    Can i RMA my r380 nitro?


      I dont feel like waiting more than 6 month and not being able to use my card with the games i would like to play. Who would even buy my card? I'm honestly sick of not being able to use my machine for what i bought it to do. Anyone got an idea for a good card? Should i throw away my money ones again on a R 390 card and maybe waste another hundred dollars not being able to play my favorite games?

      Dont take this the wrong way, im just not satified with the drivers and seeing the devs add sup for new games and dont fix old buggs gets me really really mad.


      Its been 6 MONTHS.. Im done with this card. Can i send it back?

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          I doubt it at this point, I would contact the manufacturer and see if they can do something. But AMD will not do anything for you in this regard. I have 2 r9 380's, I have nothing but problems with them as well. I already contacted Gigabyte and they will still rma both my cards after 2 months, but I can only get an exact replacement. And I have already done that, and nothing changed. Until AMD drivers start working, we are screwed.


          Try your best to sell it, and perhaps jump ship. Just don't go to Nvidia thinking they have no problems of there own. Because they do. I can tell you that after receiving no support from AMD besides a generic response, poor driver updates that don't fix anything, and no word on if they are even doing anything about any of this.....I will no longer support AMD.


          Best of luck to you, and I hope you get it all figured out some way or another. Happy gaming.

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            Having trouble with my R9 380 also. Is everyone? Mine only been acting up for maybe 3 weeks. Tried everything.. nothing works.

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              Everybody with 380's having problem with crashes/black screen/driver not responding.

              Its a MESS.