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    16.5.2 has same installation problem as 16.5.1


      For me at least (on my Lenovo G50 laptop, Windows 10 64, Radeon R5 230), I had the same problem when I updated to both 16.5.1 and now 16.5.2


      Crimson tells me there is an update, I agree and go through the upgrade process, and at the end of it all, it tells the drivers are successfully updated.


      But when I look again at Crimson, it is offering me 'new' drivers in the form of 16.3.2


      And when I check what drivers I actually have installed, I am still on 16.5.1, so the 16.5.2 install failed.


      I am now uninstalling completely,  downloading 16.5.2 the old fashioned way, and installing them myself.


      I'm sure this Crimson software will be good when it's finished