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    Virtual Super Resolution (VSR) NOT WORKING!!!


      They still have not fixed Virtual Super Resolution (VSR) working with HDTV's for a lot of us. When we click the VSR toggle to on, it quickly turns on for 1 second and then turns off.  This has been broken since Crimson 6.3. The last known VSR working for HDTV's was AMD Radeon Software Crimson 16.2.1. All drivers from 6.3.x onward has no VSR working for a huge amount of people that use a large screen HDTV. Pretty messed up because tons of people on various PC/Tech forums, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook,etc,etc,etc have been reporting this and of course AMD Support forums. Bummer, really sucks not being able to use it for months now, lots of folks are getting fed up, its a fairly important feature that should of been at the top of the list to be fixed by AMD software developers.  I currently use a 55inch Panasonic Plasma with a R9 390, Intel 3770K. Lots of people with LCD's have the same issue along with those that use their home theater receiver for HDMI video in/out. I do not use my receiver for HDMI in/out. My PC/video card is directly connected to my HDTV, in case dev's need to know but overall its both users that connect directly to HDTV from PC along with those that use their receiver for hdmi in/out.