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Overwatch UI Artifacting

Question asked by diamondslicer on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by diamondslicer

I have an issue with artifacting on UI elements Blizzards new game Overwatch (3D stuff seems fine).


AMD R9 290X



The issue was present with my older driver, I upgraded to the latest, same problem. (Note I have since tried driver version 16.20.1010-160510a1 and its still has the issue)

I have removed or disabled any apps that do screen recording or ingame overlays.


All my other games have no issues, so I assume it isn't a hardware issue, here is a sub list;



Witcher 3

Track Mania


Path of Exile

Fallout 4


Screen shots -

Video -

DXDiag -

Settings_v0.ini -


Is this an overwatch issue or AMD issue?