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    HD 8800M


      Hi everyone


      I have a NP770z5e laptop with Radeon HD 8800M series.

      I updated my graphics drivers a few moths ago with no trouble, also I installed the AMD Crimson software.

      Lately, I updated the drivers, but instead of my real graphics hardware it appears that I have the R9 series videocard on my computer and I can not change the brightness on my screen anymore.

      So, ok. I  get back to the old driver but now I can't open de AMD settings. I can adjust brightness without trouble but I can't open the AMD crimson center to setup my video card.

      I don't know what to do because I can't just install the AMD settings without installing the amd drivers that will change again to the R9 series.

      I hope you can understand my problem.


      Please somebody help me !!


      Thansk to all

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          Maybe your HD 8800M secretly wanted to be a R9 series card because it kept on chasing it's dream about becoming one and feel the radeon R9, radiating on it's back

          It is now your duty to make it so it can fufill it's dreams


          Just kidding, in reality I do not know why it is changing it's identity. Maybe it is transgraphic. XD

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            When you had your previous drivers installed your GPU was assigned a Device ID in those drivers. As new products are released, similar products sometimes share the same Device ID in newer driver versions, this can sometimes lead to your GPU name being updated to the newer version. These newer versions are typically the same GPU but renamed. Your GPU performance will not have changed, so it's nothing to worry about. However if you wish to get the original name restored, you will need to reinstall the older drivers and then install the latest compatible drivers for your system on top of the existing ones.


            Please navigate to Windows Device Manager and check the Monitors section. It's possible that your display has become disabled in Windows Device Manager. This can cause the display brightness to stop functioning.

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