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AMD garbage budget CPUs

Question asked by halloran on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 14, 2016 by atlasminor

I just wanted to vent here on the AMD forums in hopes that AMD will do something to make their budget cpus faster. Recently, I upgraded my cheap-O Toshiba laptop's HDD to an SSD so I needed to reload Windows 7. This laptop has a AMD E-240 CPU powering it...although I don't know if "powering" is the correct term to use here.


In any case, I loaded Windows 7 SP1 and installed the appropriate Toshiba system drivers. The installation went relatively smooth taking about 20 minutes or so plus the install of system drivers. Once the drivers were loaded I connected to my 60mbps internet connection and started the queue for Windows updates. It took 20 hours to calculate the 218 windows updates I needed post SP1. I left my laptop ON the entirety of this calculation, basic screen saver, no sleep or hibernate and left power on to the SSD.


The downloads didn't take all too long maybe an hour or two but once the downloads were done they then had to install. As I write this post it has been 37 hours of 100% cpu usage and it's at 201 of 218 Windows updates. In total it's taken over 3 DAYS to get and install Windows updates. The first SET of Windows updates. God forbid I install Microsoft Office or ANY software for that matter that will require any sort of updates.


I'm sure this post will fall on deaf ears in the AMD community but I know I can't be the only one to experience a Windows re-install on a budget AMD cpu. If anyone has personal experience with these incredibly slow E, E1, E2 processors I'd like to hear your story as well.