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Switchable graphics HD Radeon 7400M and Catalyst Crimson?

Question asked by annexus on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by amdmatt

Hey everybody,


I'm wondering about the switchable graphics option. When I was on windows 7, I had the option to switch between the different GPU's on my laptop, Intel HD 3000 series and the AMD HD Radeon 7400M. Now, when I'm on windows 10, I'm unable to switch between the different cards. Now, I installed the latest driver for the AMD GPU, the Crimson Radeon suite (legacy).


Does the driver automatically switch between the GPU's during videogames? Or do I need to switch manually? If so, how am I going to do that when the option is absent?


Intel i5@2.40 GHZ


HD Radeon 7400M @1024 MB DDR3