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    Radeon HD 7950 crashing?


      So basically my Driver or GFX crashes leaving this screen and stuttering sound in the beginning and after a few secs no sound with a restart required.


      This only seems to happen under heavy load like Battlefield 4 and Diablo 3 RoS.


      My System:

      GFX: Radeon HD 7950

      CPU: FX 8350

      PSU: 650W

      RAM: DDR 3 8GB

      M/B: ASrock 970 Pro 3

      Screen: acer K272HL DVI, no adapters

      Driver version: Crimson software 16.5.1 (It happened with the previous version too)

      Windows 10 64Bit


      DxDiag in Attachement


      Cheers, Oppenheimer


      Edit #1: The driver crashes and restores sometimes while using Firefox

      Edit #2: Uninstalled Beta and Reinstalled Crimson v16.3.2, did not fix my problem (05/10/2016, 18:15)

      Edit #3: Made a Windows Roll-back to an earlier state, works fine until now, going to update this post soon (05/10/2016, 19:05)

      Edit #4: Diablo just made my PC crash again (05/10/2016, 19:42)

      Edit #5: As I have this problem for 3 days now, I see a correlation between time of day and crash frequency (the later it gets the denser the crashes are)

                   Also something new happened, after every crash I have to reset my BIOS AND move my RAM, maybe my RAM is broken? (05/10/2016, 21:02)

      Edit #6: Ran Memtest on my first 4Gigs of RAM and my PC did fine until roughly 70%, then again it crashed.

                    I made a new DxDiag and found the same error in all my diags: RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 and RADAR_PRE_LEAK_WOW64. (05/10/2016, 22:54)

      Edit 7#: I think I found the baddy:


      He caused alot of crashes, at least I had way more crashes with him, ordering new RAM, is HyperX Fury good? (05/11/2016, 17:01)

      Edit #8: Tested out different RAM, crashed again, will test different GPU soon. (05/12/2016, 20:55)