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    A10-7870k with R7 250 Dual Graphics doesn't show


      I have the A10-7870k with a MSI R7 250 oc installed.  The R7 250 is using DDR3.   I'm running Windows 10 and I have tried both 15.11 Catalyst drivers and the newest 16.x drivers from AMD to get Dual Graphics working and I can't get it to show on CCC or Crimson.


      Things I have done:

      1. I have used DDU to uninstall all remnants of any drivers.
      2. I have removed the R7 250 card.
      3. I have set the motherboard to IGD in the bios and then installed 15.11 (or on another attempt 16.x Crimson Drivers)
      4. I then turned off the computer and installed the graphics card
      5. I went back into the Bios and set it for IGD / Dual Graphics / 2 gb   (its a 2gb card)
      6. I have also tried PEG / Dual Graphics / 2 gb in the BIOS with no difference
      7. I booted back up the computer.
      8. Both GPUs are showing up in Device Manager with no exclamation point.
      9. I go into CCC (or Crimson and hit additional settings)
      10. Dual Graphics nor Crossfire shows up.


      Please help!,

      At the moment I'm using 15.11.1 beta and have attached the DxDiag.