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Can't install AMD drivers and CCC.

Question asked by kligan on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by amdmatt

Hello. Recently I bought a new video card - Radeon R9 390x in place of my old HD 7850.

I used AMD installer to delete drivers and software before i took my old video card out. Once the new one was installed, I downloaded drivers from this page Download Drivers using manual driver selection (the one with 5 steps). I launched the installer and got everything ready and running smoothly.

Some times later I got an issue with running Unreal 4 editor - my system would freeze randomly and only hard reset helped. It never happened with my old video card. So I assumed that I need to try to install an older version display driver, maybe that'll help.

As usual, I downloaded what i neede, opened AMD installer, pressed the "uninstall" button, rebooted, launched drivers setup and... Now I'm completely screwed.

None of the AMD installers give me an option to install anything but HDMI audio driver.

I tried to download different versions of display drivers and I always get the same result.

I tried to uninstall display drivers manually from the device manager. Still no luck.

I tried to go to safe mode and delete all traces of display drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller. Still, AMD installer does not give me an option to install anything but HDMI audio whatever.

I can install display driver manually via device manager, selecting the AMD folder. But I need other things too! I need Catalyst Control Centre for example - without it my main monitor is all green (I always used colour settings in CCC to fix that).


I don't know what to do now... Help, please!