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Weird Fan Control after Driver Update on Linux

Question asked by nicro on May 8, 2016

Hello everyone,


I am using A Radeon HD 6850 on

OpenSuse 13.1 (Linux) 64-bit system

KDE 4.11.5


For a new game I now had to update the driver from the default AMD driver that came with the OS to the Linux proprietary driver (V.15.201.1151).

Ever since the update the GPU's fan acts weird wherein it starts out slow, then accelerates to top speed and then goes back down immediately after about two seconds, this then repeats.

My other fans are linked to a hardware fan control, that allows the system to regulate within a certain amount of what is set in the control itself. After the installation these now too run at the highest permitted speed.


I have seen similar problems linking the Linux driver to odd fan speeds but this only came to be after installing the official driver.

Temperatures have been stable so far (using independent sensors) but as the fans have a not so unimportant function I am still considering to switch back to the default driver.

This would of course not be optimal as the official driver does have a lot of benefits and is required for some applications.


Does anyone know what exactly is causing this or how it can be fixed?


Thanks in advance,




Edit: I now downloaded the Overdrive-Manager to monitor the sensors (see screenshot). Whenever the problem occurs, temperature and load readings flicker, and the profile at the bottom changes to "High Level". This does seem to happen more frequently when for example a web browser is running. While my own sensors are placed around the card rather then on it, they report much cooler temperatures that appear if only for an instant during the flickering. Other times the internal readings are stable but at least 10-15°C above my own sensors.


Edit2: Other than the fan, the symptoms include smoothing and fading animations lagging. This is most notable when maximizing or minimizing windows. Additionally both the flash and html5 video players react similarly in fullscreen-mode. The video itself is fine, however changing into and out of fullscreen takes a long time and the animation is choppy. The same happens when I try to bring the control bar up in fullscreen-mode. This also only started happening after the update.