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    Collision between graphics cards



      I have bought recently Samsung evo 850 120GB SSD for my laptop (Dell Vostro 3450),

      and cloned the operating system partition to the SSD using software by the name "aomei backupper",

      then i swapped the HDD with the SSD, and swapped the DVD with the HDD, and started the computer,

      unfortunately when i start the laptop, the laptop start normally till it reaches to the Windows 10 (64bit) start screen (with the blue logo and dots circling around),

      suddenly the screen goes black, but the laptop still running for 3~5 min, after that the screen returns and every thing works fine.

      the same issue occur when i turn the laptop off,

      I suspect that this issue occur because of the two GPUs AMD Radeon & HD Graphics 3000.

      What can i do so solve this?!