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    Accident with Advanced Display Group, how do I revert it?


      So, I accidentally created a display group using the Advanced Options in the Crimson Drivers.


      Now, the monitor I selected as the primary display for the group is apparently locked at some resolution that doesn't exist.


      In fact, even plugging that monitor in causes the other three monitors in my 3+1 array to turn off, and that monitor to just display "This resolution cannot be displayed".


      I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers, no luck.

      I have uninstalled all of the monitor drivers, no luck.

      What I want to know is how do I delete a display group that isn't currently even plugged in?


      My guess is that somehow I accidentally assigned that specific monitor to try and display my 5040x1050 display all by itself, and, well, I don't want it to do that, the problem is, if i plug the monitor in to try and modify the settings, all my other display devices are disabled, and when it's not plugged in I cannot find a way to delete that display group.