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Any chance of getting 16.x bootcamp drivers for Mac?

Question asked by jpbootcamp on May 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by supa1220

Hi all,


I have a new late 2015 27inch iMac with M395X AMD R9 Radeon GPU. I also want to use Windows 10 via bootcamp to dual boot for gaming. I am beginning to regret getting an AMD based Mac.


Every time I boot into Windows I get the "Oh, there are new drivers" popup only to get the "no supported hardware found" message after the download finishes.


My previous iMac had a NVidia 680MX built in and I could always get the newest drivers just like any other Windows user. Now all I can do is watch my games crash or show silly texture bugs until some thick headed folks at AMD decide to finally release a new driver. Why? What is the reason behind this?


Everybody should beware and stay away from AMD powered Macs if they are depending on Bootcamp/Windows dual boot to work.


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