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ZeroCore Power support for Win 10 or not?

Question asked by stna1981 on May 9, 2016
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I have a HD7970 with a monitor connected via DVI. Under Windows 8.1, ZeroCore Power works fine, I can even connect two monitors via active miniDP Adapter and ZCP still works fine (in most cases). Even connecting a 3rd monitor over HDMI does not brake it!


However, after upgrading to Windows 10, ZCP does not work any more at all. Regardless whether I connect a monitor over DVI or any other port (also the active miniDP adapter does not work), power consumption does not change in idle and also the fans don't stop.


I tried all available driver versions for Windows 10, from 15.7.1 until the most recent one, but no difference. It would be nice if AMD could officially clarify whether ZCP officially works under Windows 10 or not and if yes, what one has to do that it works correctly, e. g. with a single monitor connected over DVI?


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