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    Win 8.1 Users:  What's your experience with 16.5.1?


      I need to keep up with the latest OpenGL implementation as my work requires it, so I'm considering upgrading to Crimson 16.5.1.



      Not seeing many negative comments on 16.5.1, and in fact several (rare) positive comments like "hasn't crashed yet" have been posted.  That's a good sign.


      I am running Win 8.1 Pro/MCE and have a Radeon HD 7850, now some years old.  I don't game, but I do subject my system to some stress doing engineering work with it.  At the moment I am running Crimson 16.3.2 and have no real complaints.  My workstation is stable and does what I ask of it.




      How's your experience with 16.5.1 been?  Worth installing or wait-n-see a while longer?  Is desktop performance better/worse/about the same?



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          Just fine with Win10x64 build 1115 and build 14316--so it should work as well with 8.1, I'd imagine.

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              Thanks, but that's not that helpful; Win 10 is a different animal.


              I realize not many people are likely to be running Win 8.1, but I had to install the driver myself to find out that the programmers at ATI have removed a function that's critical to me:  Per-channel color calibration.  It no longer allows me to dial in the calibration of my monitors so that I have a good sRGB reference system, which is critical to my work.


              I noticed no mention of this loss of capability in any of the release notes.


              At this point I'm dropping back to an older driver that supports my needs and dropping off the driver upgrade path.  Good riddance; all the updates since Crimson have been headaches anyway.  So long and thanks for all the fish.


              This dropping of color calibration capability represents a move away from "professional" operations by ATI.  Maybe that's what they figure they have to do to be successful, I don't know, but it's certainly going to make me take a hard look at the competition for my next business hardware purchases!