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    Notebook "bricked" after F/W update


      I have an Acer Aspire V5 MS2377 laptop.  The other day, I got a pop-up notice that my AMD Radeon driver/support software needed upgrading.  With all the scares about security flaws, and the fact that tech support people’s first question seems to always be “Is everything updated?”, I decided to proceed with the update.

      The machine is now “bricked”. The “Acer Explore Beyond Limits™ splash screen appears, and the little dots do their circle dance for a while, then everything freezes.  It never gets to the Windows boot screen.

      I could take the machine in for service, but I have a hunch that the labor costs would exceed the replacement cost of the machine. 

      I am extremely unhappy. I feel that AMD has in effect “stolen” my machine from me.  Do customers have any recourse in situations like this?  Or are we just at the mercy of manufacturers for whom this sort of rip-off is just an excuse to sell more hardware?