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Help! Dual Graphics on A10-7870K + R7 250

Question asked by kelleycook on May 8, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by kelleycook

* Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3HP motherboard.

* A10-7870K (stock cooler, not overclocked)

* MSI R7 250 2GB DDR3 card, (Default 1000 Mhz GPU, 800Mhz Memory)

* 16GB Corsair 2400Mhz DDR3 memory using the XMP profile, BIOS show 2400Mhz, Raedon info shows 1200Mhz Memory speed

* Crimson 16.5.1 drivers

* Windows 10.1 Fast Ring (Build 14332)


The system has been running for a while, but the MSI card is newly installed.


The first three items all explictly mention that they are Dual Graphics Capable. The mobo manual mentions setting the Gfx to NorthBridge primary (that's the MSI card) and IGP to forced with a framebuffer of least 512MB.  And then to enable it via the old Catalyst Crossfire checkbox.


I have tried all sorts of combinations and (512MB v 2GB, switching primary video, moving HDMI cables, four different versions of the Raedon driver including a pre-Crimson version from a year ago), but I never see a way to enable crossfire or Dual Graphics. Furthermore, the Raedon information page always mentions that one of my two GPUs are disabled (depending on which one the HDMI cable plugged into)


Can someone help me and get this working before I send back the currently pointless MSI card?  I can post anything you need.