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R7 370 fans wont spin!

Question asked by icee on May 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2016 by ferni55

I have...

Processor: Intel core i7 920

9 gigs RAM

Windows 10 64 bit

750 watt power supply

R7 370 by xfx


When I first got my r7, it worked great. This lasted for like a month, when i noticed it overheating. It would shut down from getting way too hot, up to 90 degrees while playing games. The problem was that the fans simply wouldn't spin. I contacted xfx customer support and they sent me a new cooling unit, which I installed last night. It worked great for one night, then the next time I started the computer the fans once again would not turn. I opened the GPU up again, and reapplied thermal paste. When I put it back together, it worked again. As soon as the computer restarted however, the fans stopped turning. I notice that when I first start up the computer, the fans spin for a few seconds as the GPU turns on, but then they wont activate after that. I also tried controlling them manually using the crimson driver, but that doesnt work either (though the driver does say the fans are turning at whatever percentage I set them to, they actually are not). getting desperate, I tried reinstalling windows 8.1 on an extra hard drive, and I have the same problem with that OS. I am at a loss, does anyone have any thoughts?