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    Blurry text on LG TV


      I've got my LG TV connected with HDMI cable. There are 2 HDMI ports in my pc. One for Radeon R9 390 and one for Intel HD Graphics 4600.

      When I'm using desktop or just browsing everything is blurry (text mostly) and not so clear while my HDMI cable is connected to Radeon R9 390 port. It ruins my vision.

      When I switch my HDMI cable into Intel HD Graphics 4600 my desktop and all the text look perfect and sharp, but then there is a problem. I can not launch a single game cuz my PC detects only Intel HD Graphics 4600 at that moment.

      So I don't know what should I do... Is there any way to combine these two or somehow set specific applications to run with my Radeon GPU while my desktop is sharp clear? I don't know why i can't have clear picture with my Radeon.

      Any suggestion will be apreciated. Thank you!

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          Hi Pero.


          This is common when you plug an HDMI connection in. I am going to try and do my best to guide a fix in for you but as I do not have an HDMI connection myself, I do not have the screens in front of me.


          You have to access the Additional Settings section of Crimson to resolve this.

          1. Right click desktop, go to AMD Radeon Settings.

          2. Click on the middle icon labelled DISPLAY.

          3. In the upper right hand corner, select Additional settings.

          4. In the new box that pops up, you should have an option on the side that will allow you to change the scaling of the display. It will either be under HDTV support or Properties (Digital Flat Panel)


          I had to do this with one of my old hdmi displays because the blur was killing me. I hope this helps!