Wishlist - VULKAN and 390x Support For Ubuntu 16.04

Discussion created by deddokatana on May 7, 2016

if mainstream gamers dont use linux, your game devs sure as hell do!


microsoft (as its known without derogative slur) is becoming more SaaS oriented - and making migration as painful as possible is part of its game plan. windows 7 is probably the last version that gave you a sense of ownership, so linux will become more attractive to gamers (who have the required skills to start learning linux).


also, if you were to beef up wine with vulkan support (even where it makes DirectX calls if your feeling daring), the port becomes less of a nightmare, because windows games who have a vulkan api can be run on linux with little to no porting with a native vulkan speed boost. contact "the Lord" Gaben of steam fame and im sure you will have some support for integration, you could maybe make it part of the steam runtime!