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    crimson drivers regularly crash recover WTF


      Video card is XFX Radeon R7 265. Windows 10.  ASUS M5A99X PRO R2.0.  16 GB DDR3.  Samsung 1T 850 PRO.


      These crimson drivers are terrible — 16.*
      I never had these problems before crimson was installed.


      Crashes in low temps, low CPU load, low drive activity, in 2D, in any browser playing videos, in 3D in COH2.
      I am stuck on 16.5.1.  Selecting 16.3.2 to roll back does not work.  I need to clean install.  This is just so sad.


      Please advise.

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          Please provide more information so we can help.


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            I think that I updated 16.3.2 to 16.4.1 and started getting crash-restore cycles. Next I updated to 16.5.1.  Crash-restore cycles remained.  Adding the TdrDelay variable set to 8 seconds in the registry was no help.  I do not believe the crash-recovery period got any longer (about 2s).  So I uninstalled 16.5.1 and in the process my USB drivers got corrupted.  Try operating Windows 10 without a mouse.  In the past accelerator keys made it easy to be a keyboard jockey.  But now in the time of web pages trying to operate a pulldown combo control without a mouse is impossible.  Reinstalling the USB drivers seemed to go ok but no devices could be recognized.  An attempt to reinstall 16.3.2 did not work.


            On Sunday I decided to use a restore point that I had manually created about two weeks before.  The restore worked but reported an unspecified error.  The video driver was back to 16.3.2 and the USB 2 ports worked.  I had to plug a USB 3 drive into a USB 2 port first to be mounted.  Then I could mount the drive through any of the four USB 3 ports.  I ran the system file check.  It finished with no errors.


            Since then there has not been another crash-restore on this machine.  And to be sure I created another restore point.  This was the first time a video driver update boned me.  I will be more carefull from now on.  I noticed 16.4.1 is no longer available.  Good.