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Black desert online used to record through just fine. During the last few weeks there has been an update and now it says that BDO is not compatible with which clearly isn't true since I have 10  hours recorded perfectly from before.

Question asked by yorticus on May 7, 2016
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I've been playing a game called Black desert online and recording game play with / raptr combined software. Everything worked just fine until a few weeks ago when either raptr or got an update. Now I can't get it to record or even get the overlay to appear over my BDO game and nothing happens if I press the hotkeys to record / book mark. In my library, the game now says something along the lines of 'not compatible with or twitch', but it just was working perfectly a couple weeks ago. Support has been terrible at the plays/raptr forum and I can't get my question answered, so I'm hoping I'll get something here.



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