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    HD8970M disabled


      I have a notebook MSI GX60-3BE-239 Hitman Edition with AMD A10-5750M with 'supposedly' HD8970M running. Im now running the notebook with dedicated graphics 8650G coz my 8970M was disabled some time ago(dont ask the cause, i dont even know how it happened). So now i want to enable back my 8970M, is there any way to do it? i tried to install driver for 8970M but it only detects 8650G and the installer suggest me not to continue as it's not compatible.



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          The integrated GPU on your APU has reached peak optimisation and been moved to legacy status, there will be no further driver updates for legacy products. More information here


          Crimson 16.2.1 is the last supported driver for your APU, so you will need to use this driver for the integrated and discrete GPU.


          The 8970M will show as disabled when the drivers are installed because the internal display of your system is wired to the integrated GPU inside your APU.