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Fullscreen problem

Question asked by sovers on May 7, 2016

Hello. I have a problem when going fullscreen.

For example, two weeks ago i was when i was playing cs:go. When i entered the game.. everything freeze and got stuck. I just uninstalled the driver and get it back, then the problem wasn't persisting because i was switching to windowed mode - witch works on any game great. [ after a while, i was switching back to fullscreen and again.. the same issue appears ]

Now again i had the same problem. I did switched to windowed mode and checking out settings,  updated the driver and everything, but i can't find any fix for this.

Yesterday i realised that this happens to EVERY game/app i have it FULLSCREEN.


When i go windowed mode then select the fullscreen then apply the settings, everything freezes. Alt+f4 not working, alt-tab eather, even ctrl+alt+delete ... just nothing.

The only way to "escape" from this is restarting the computer...

Any kind of help?



Video card: R7 260x 2GB

Processor: A8 5600k [quad core, 3.6mhz]