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30 bit color (10 bit per color) in Radeon cards

Question asked by mafi on May 6, 2016
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Hello Everyone,


I got a new screen (Dell UP2715k) which is 5k and has 30 bit color (99% adobe, 100% sRGB).

Since I'll build up a new system for lightroom and photoshop I also need a graphics card with two display ports for 5k at 60Hz and best to support 30 bit color (3x 10bit color).

I searched the internet and found that radeon graphics are cappable of 10 bit per color, but whenever this question is related to photoshop it comes up that one needs a pro card (quadro or firepro).

Since most posts are more than one year old I would like to know if this still is true.

I could buy a firepro w2100 or more expensive w5100, but since I would like to play a game from time to time I would prefer one of the coming polaris cards.


Do radeon cards like r9 380/390 or coming polaris cards support 10 bit per color screens in open gl?


Found the following for older HD 7850 (Radeon HD 7850 Eyefinity 6 - Connect and do more )

Ideal for photography, graphic design, media creation and other color-critical applications. DisplayPort output can only support 10 bit video*

*For 10 bit video you need a display that supports 10 bit video.

A DisplayPort connection between the display and video card and a video card that supports 10 bit video.If necessary, you need to enable 10 bit video support in the video graphics driver.

Software that supports 10 bit drawing using OpenGL or DirectX on Windows


Thank you for your help