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    R9 295x2


      Since the last update i can't play counter strike anymore. It's like the sensitivity has been multiplied by 10. Everything is so weird, i can't do anything, this is not the first issue that i have with CS GO since i have bought the r9 295x2. Some times my fps drop from 300 to 10 and i must restart cs. Tired of this F*** bugs , can't you fix this ?? Never buying AMD again, worst investment in my life!

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          Are you sure it is gpu related?

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            Hey matusica01r,


            Could you post your complete specifications as noted here, so we can have a clearer perspective on your system. Also, could you please list the details in regards to your Radeon Crimson settings including (if applicable) Virtual Super Resolution, GPU scaling, Frame Rate Target Control and game specific profile properties. Then, if you could also list the settings applied in game including resolution, it would be a big help in troubleshooting what might be the cause of your issues.


            There are a few possible causes, but without having the information requested above, it's impossible to truly isolate anything specifically. Without the requested information, any guidance I could offer would be pure speculation and I prefer to deal in the realm of guidance, based on factual data as much as possible when offering assistance.


            Looking forward to providing you assistance as soon as possible, thank you and have a nice day.

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                • AMD Graphics Card
                  • R9 295x2 Sapphire 8GO
                • Desktop or Laptop System
                  • Desktop
                • Operating System
                  • Windows 10 64bit
                • Driver version installed
                  • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3.2 ( I've tried installing the beta 16.5.1 but it's worse, also i can't install the WQHL, radeon software just closes.) I have used Amd cleanup utility and reinstalled all the drivers but it's useless.
                • Display Devices
                  • Monitor : LG 24EB23 1900*1200 ( DVI )
                • Motherboard
                  • MSI Z97 Gaming 5
                • CPU/APU
                  • i7 4770k (Not overcloked)
                • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
                  • EVGA SUPERNOVA G2 1300W
                • RAM
                  • HyperX Fury 16GO 1600 MHZ


                I have problems only with counter strike GO, sometimes i play at 300 fps for like 20 minutes then the game starts lagging because of fps dropping to 10. I must restart the game to be able to play again. Also since monday the game has a new wierd issue, when i did the update for the beta 16.5.1 : It's like the sensitivity changes all the time , i had to put sensitivity to 1 but it's still much too fast. First i tought was a mouse problem but it's not. I've deleted all the drivers , installed the previous one ( 16.3.2 ) but i still have the same issue. :/


                My cs go setting on amd software and ingame :


                AMD : AMD - HostingPics.net - Hébergement d'images gratuit

                AMD2 - HostingPics.net - Hébergement d'images gratuit

                AMD3 - HostingPics.net - Hébergement d'images gratuit


                CS : Steam Community :: Screenshot

                Steam Community :: Screenshot


                Sorry for the bad english.