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Weird issue..

Question asked by sam453oh on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by john007

Hi everyone, hope you could help me with this problem..

So when I play almost every game, I can maintain 60fps no problem, and then randomly every minute (maybe more maybe less) I have this massive fps drop say from 60fps to 35fps causing the picture and sound to freeze for a moment,

and when I cap the framerate to 30fps it's still drop to 17fps randomly.

when I unlock the framerate I get around let's say 100fps and then it's still drop to 57fps causing the freezing again.

it's really unplayable, it happen even when I'm standing not doing anything


My system:

I5 6600k @3.5

R9 390x

8GB ram

msi z170a sli plus

cosair rm750x

windows 8.1 pro


plz help