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My graphics card crashes when playing!

Question asked by hakunamatata on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by nilsatis

Hi guys!

I'm having a problem when playing some games, my graphics card stops working for no reason, then i get a message saying that my "driver has stopped working and has now recovered". Sometimes I even lose my screen image, but i can still ear the game and my friends in skype! (this forces me to restart the pc)

I've tried some things like going to a older driver, creating a tdrdelay file (doesnt really solves the problem), updating drivers and cleaning my whole computer and making sure it doesnt overheat... nothing worked... this will happen when i am playing games like (dirt, rocket league, overwatch, LoL)

My graphics card is a amd radeon R7 260x. please help me solving this problem! ask me anything that may give you information to help me. And sorry for the bad english.