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    Did Crimson replace Catalyst?


      I am trying to enable dual graphics with my A10 Kaveri APU and R7 250 Video card on Asrock FM2A88X-ITX+.  In my research I found that the option needs to show up and also be enabled on Catalyst Control Center.  Is CCC obsolete now with Crimson?  I tried to download CCC but there is no link.  I was able to find in C:/AMD the CCC install for 15.7 but was concerned that it was old software and that I had redundant software installations.  I've since cleared all drivers and software but ended up bricking my machine after attemting a bios update from 3.0 to 3.4.

      After I get my bricking sorted by CMOS clear, where do I get Catalyst to enable dual graphics?

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          The answer to your subject question is:  Yes.  In late 2015 as I recall.  New theme:  Dumbed down; keeps we users out of trouble.  Seriously, someone forgot to make sure all the features provided by the prior drivers are still available.  Many folks recommend dropping back to something like 15.7.1 or 15.9.1.


          There is still some functionality from the old CCC in the Radeon Additional Settings dialog.  But you're out of luck if you want it to auto-load a preferred preset.  There are manual workarounds to that, but not everything works perfectly.


          We have entered the age where "less is more, and you'd better like what we give you".



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              Seriously.  AMD owes me 2 days of my life back.  I have followed every instruction to a T even testing every configuration under the Sun in order to get my Kaveri A10 to dual graphics with my R7 250.  Trust me, this is not user error.  I cannot get dual graphics, crossfire or the like to enable on my ITX pc.  I even contacted Asrock for info on my motherboard and followed all their instructions.  I've tried every combination and configuration of settings in my BIOS.  I have ALL AMD PRODUCTS FROM THE VINTAGE THAT THE APU A10 WAS INTRODUCED and still I cannot use the dual graphics they advertised.


              Maybe AMD hoped that noone would actually attempt to use their dual graphics enabled APU with the very limited scope of graphics cards such as the R7 240 or 250.  They loaded the requirements for this cutting edge technology with disclaimers like "you better use the right card or it won't work! You better use the right driver or it won't work!"


              I held off for a while writing this smear post but I had to put it somewhere.  AMD has crap support and crap functionality.  My first video card was an ATI Rage PRo 128 and I had nothing but problems with that card.  When I went to NVIDIA all my problems went away.  Glad to see nothing has changed.


              I see mine and many other's posts on this topic have gone unanswered. I think you actually have to work at AMD to actually have your AMD system work.  I had considered the Radeon Pro Duo as my next purchase to power my 4k Monitor on my other PC but they have wasted too much of my time and given me way too many headaches to be worth it.


              I am considering a class action lawsuit for fraud based on these Kaveri APUs.  I know I'm not the only one who must be frustrated with the lack of support and ACTUAL lack of functionality these processors deliver.  They completely defeat the purpose they are used for.


              Short AMD stock.

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              All AMD had to do was change the CCC theme. That's it. Nothing complicated here.


              What's going off under the crimson hood is,,errrr,, well you'll have to judge for yourself.

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                mode wrote:

                I've since cleared all drivers and software

                Did you use DDU? If not try it and use the last WHQL driver.

                Option B, seeing as there's not much benefit to dual graphics, get a real vidcard like an R9 something or other.

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                    I should have mentioned that yes I did use DDU.  Great THIRD PARTY PROGRAM to use in order to troubleshoot a problem that should have been fixed years ago.


                    Option B is not an option.  It completely defeats the purpose of using the APU as advertised.  The whole point of the build was to have a minimal cost ITX pc at mid range graphics.  The R7 250 was on sale for something like $40 so I thought now was the time to try this whole dual graphics bit out.  But it doesn't work, probably never worked, and probably never will work.  It was a devised marketing scheme to sell processors with no functionality that was ready for release.