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    I have two graphic cards, but I can't use the other one.


      I have two graphic cards:

      - Intel HD Graphics 4000

      - AMD Radeon HD 8750M



      I play a game called Heroes and Generals, and I want to get more than 40+- fps.

      When I play it, I check the HWmonitor app, and it seems like the Intel HD Graphics 4000 card is in action.

      How can I use the AMD Radeon HD 8750M for the game instead?



      I don't have the Catalyst, but I have the Crimson application for managing

      When I go to Display, it says: "No displays are currently connected to AMD products."

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          To configure an application to use the discrete GPU you need to open Radeon Settings > Preferences > Additional Settings.


          In CCC Slim, navigate to Switchable Graphics Application Settings. This area will allow you to select which 3D application uses the Integrated GPU or the High Performance GPU. Add the application to CCC and select High Performance Mode to ensure that the High Performance GPU is used. Note, it is recommend to have the laptop plugged in and Windows configured to High performance mode in the Control Panel > Power options to ensure you get the best possible performance.