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    Alien Isolation crossfire broken in STEAM big picture on R285 x 2 (maybe R380 sees it too)


      Dear AMD/or anyone with R285 X 2 or R380 X 2 crossfire configuration and have Alien Isolation:


      Attempt to run the game with 16.4.2 or later drivers in STEAM big picture mode (have crossfire logo enabled).

      The symptom is you'll see the crossfire logo for a few seconds in the upper right while the 20th century fox video plays.

      Then after a few seconds the logo disappears and it's dropped out of crossfire mode.


      The workaround is launch it not in big picture mode and this doesn't occur.


      It's a work around but those of us with STEAM links wanting to play at 1080P Ultra settings and everything maxed is SOL.

      Steam link requires big picture mode.   At least you can play but on a single card and reduced settings.


      I did file this with the bug report survey form through using the Crimson driver control panel to make AMD aware of the glitch.

      It's not game breaking but it is crossfire breaking for anyone using STEAM big picture (which in turn STEAM link requires).

      So tough you know what until they fix it.



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          Have you bothered to try the different methods of crossfire in the AMD driver menu, or radeon pros? I have an R9 390X CF set up and I was happy to see the light flickering has finally been fixed, which im assuming that was AMDs doing as the game netted too little a return for them to spend money on updating it. Tragic really, its my favorite game base on the franchise. People just have bad taste. Would really like a solid alien isolation 2 launch. Its the steam version. CF with my cards is stupid overkill esp with OC, but you can use mods. In the future, it is said an englishman is working on releasing HD textures. Not going to take a performance hit for that, even if it mattered though. Driver: 16.8.1.