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    A 43" UHD monitor...By Philips?


      Philips announced a new 4K IPS display featuring an impressive screen size of 43 inches. If nothing else, the new Philips UltraClear 43-inch class 4K Ultra HD IPS LCD display is pretty huge.

      Philips Goes Big With 43-Inch UltraClear 4K IPS Display



      Looks pretty interesting, especially considering the price tag of $799 which puts it awfully close to other UHD displays which are almost half the size. Sadly it lacks FreeSync, but considering the price for a 43 inch 10 bit IPS display...I think this may be the world's first UHD display which can reasonably be used at UHD without display scaling. I wonder what Far Cry 4 would look like on it...


      amdmatt you should buy one and post screenshots, think it's the perfect thing to finish off your build, at least until Polaris arrives

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          I can't afford it unfortunately.

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              Pfft, don't you know bling is more important than food!


              But really it's a monitor aimed at the professional market, but it makes me wonder how they can deliver such a large panel for $800 when the Amazon.com: LG Electronics 4K UHD 27UD88-W 27" Screen LED-Lit Monitor: Computers & Accessories appears in all respects to be the same display for $700. Sure the LG has FreeSync and USB-C, but FreeSync is free and surely USB-C isn't adding that much to the cost, and surely not nearly as much as an additional 16 inches...Philips isn't exactly a name you associate with computer displays, or really even good name televisions anymore, much like Samsung.


              As far as response time goes, I never put much stock into those ratings. I believe my first LCD monitor had a 15ms response time and mine now has a 6ms response time, and I never notice any ghosting. The color reproduction, viewing angles, and consistency of an IPS display far outweighs a "1ms" TN display. Before I got this HP ZR2440w I had a 24" Samsung Syncmaster, and the color and brightness shifting both vertical and horizontal was so abhorrent as to obscure objects on the borders of the screen.

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                look at the South Korean uhd monitors.. Crossover and Wasabi Mango, they get good reviews.  Look at the ebay seller store named green-sum


                I've seen in another forum the new Wasabi Mango monitors are 60hz refresh, amd freesync,the newest hdmi port (hdmi 2.0?) and usb 3.0...  Think they are priced around $650ish USD.  I think they actually use LG panels, I actually think LG, Samsung,Benq and Phillips all use the same panels..  Heres a 40" uhd Wasabi Mango Wasabi Mango 40" UHD400 Reak 4K HDMI 2 0 DP1 2 3840x2160 LED Monitor Remote | eBay



                I ordered my Crossover 32s 2560x1440 with freesync.. bought from from green-sum and it got to my house in Kentucky from south Korea in 3 days and Its a pretty darn nice monitor for $440..



                I'm thinking I might move up to a 4k 40", 42 or 43" monitor by the end of the year to have uhd for Battlefield 1

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                The specs look great, but people are writing about ghosting issues on Amazon.

                I got a 43" Philips TV a few months ago, what a mistake, can't do RGB/4:4:4.

                Switched to Samsung TVs, I'm very happy now!