A 43" UHD monitor...By Philips?

Discussion created by black_zion on May 4, 2016
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Philips announced a new 4K IPS display featuring an impressive screen size of 43 inches. If nothing else, the new Philips UltraClear 43-inch class 4K Ultra HD IPS LCD display is pretty huge.

Philips Goes Big With 43-Inch UltraClear 4K IPS Display



Looks pretty interesting, especially considering the price tag of $799 which puts it awfully close to other UHD displays which are almost half the size. Sadly it lacks FreeSync, but considering the price for a 43 inch 10 bit IPS display...I think this may be the world's first UHD display which can reasonably be used at UHD without display scaling. I wonder what Far Cry 4 would look like on it...


amdmatt you should buy one and post screenshots, think it's the perfect thing to finish off your build, at least until Polaris arrives