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    Cannot load Radeon Addtional settings


      I have tried all the most recent drivers even with clean installs (AMDs cleanup and DDU) and everytime I try to access Radeon Additional settings via Preferences the Additional settings command line interface process starts then immediately closes.  I have tried disabling GPU on my motherboard (Intel HD3000) I have it disabled with NO drivers yet still cannot access additional settings. I see this bug has been around for several versions (almost 6 months) and STILL hasn't been fixed...please fix this AMD!!!


      I have an HTC Vive or id just use an older driver but it requires one of the last 3 releases and all crash on additional settings. I have even just tried a fresh windows 10 install, same crash.



      I have the following hardware:


      i5 2500 Sandy Bridge

      Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3P

      16GB DD3

      2 Gigabyte R9 290s in Crossfire (cant enable or disable with options crashing!)


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          As someone who is in IT (IT Manager) I find it shocking that AMD does not respond to customer technical issues with even a casual mention.  We generally will respond back with our ticketing situation to at least let customers know we are looking into an issue or that we are "aware" of the issue.


          I have heard nothing back.  I also know I am not alone as I see this issue popping up for a lot of people since the changes to catalyst 4 major versions ago. I have tried every post catalyst driver and cannot access additional settings.  I am using the Windows 10 Professional.