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    FX-8370 with Wraith Cooler




      I just purchased the AMD FX-8370 with a Wraith Cooler.


      Would any of you advise changing the Thermal Paste that comes already applied to the cooler?


      I bought Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound  ...  http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX45457




      and I am wondering if that would be a better choice instead of what is applied on the cooler now?


      OR would it be good to just add some of this MX-2 to the paste that came on the cooler?


      Thank You for your time and help.Have a Good One.



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          Never add paste to paste already applied!


          Personally, I always remove paste that comes with any cooler, then apply my own (MX-4 in my case).  Small (grain of rice size) amount in center of the heat spreader.



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            The stock paste should be fine.

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              TomsHardware did an article not long ago where they compared 39 different TIMs and their performance under liquid, high pressure air coolers (AMD), low pressure air coolers (Intel), and on a GPU. The difference between liquid metal and thermal tape was only 5°C, so there's no reason to change the stock TIM unless you remove the HSF for cleaning.




              Note that the Wraith cooler is a very capable air cooler on par or exceeding $40 aftermarket coolers.

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                Other than the horrible white TIM paste sold by Radio Shack, almost all of the popular brands of TIM as well as the OE AMD TIM are within a degree or to of each other. There are many online TIM tests confirming that it's pointless to change TIM for a degree or two as your CPU can not tell the difference. There is no need to change the OE AMD TIM unless you remove the HSF at some time in the future.