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    R9 290 Second Life Graphical artifacts


      [FIRE-16829] [AMD] Visual Artifacts with ALM enabled on AMD graphics - Firestorm Bug Tracker


      I have a new R9 290.  There are bars of graphical artifacts across the screen with this card.  There is not with my old R7 360. 

      Others found this already in August of 2015.  I posted the Firestorm Jira because SL Jiras are not all public.  Should I just switch to NVidia or is someone going to look into this?Glitch001.png

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          I'm having this exact issue with the new RX 480.


          While turning off Advanced Lighting Model fixes the issue, I got this card so I could actually turn this on. Second Life looks so boring without it. Please fix this issue that looks to have been going on since 2015.

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            Just wanted to report this issue when I stomped on this thread...

            The thing is, I have RX470 (latest driver 16.12.2) and the same issue is still present (at the bottom third of the screen, in my case). Needless to say how disappointed I am with AMD driver developement..  it's January 2017 now! As it seems they (team) concentrate on patching popular games only...

            Next time I'll be more careful when buying graphic card.. Wish you all happy New Year