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    Soon Looking forward for NEW FX Chipset. if that is coming at all


      Hello AMD, I'm looking forward for updating the AMD FX processors for some time, Intel has between now and then I got th FX-8350 updated 2 times, But AMD hassen´t WHY.. The Problem is FX8350 with AMD990FX does not support PCI 3. neither it doesn't support USB 3.1, Neather it does not support 10 Gbit Lan RJ45 wired connection, not the optic with are overpriced.


      WHY is the only thing coming from AMD, GPU accelerators, how need that and for what.. Companies maybe, NOT consumers.. We NEED NEW motherboards WIth faster connection, NOT higher speed on GPU they are fast enough i got a ONLY AMD 6950 witch running with 3 monitors and games run smoothly and perfect its all other surrounding that NOT keeping up, it doesn't matter with extra CPU speed anymore they are so fast and has been for several years now, it's complete not unusable with 0.5Ghz extra clock on the CPU. Please come on AMD.. make the 10Gbit lan connection as standard on motherboard everybody has a NAS or some kind of high speed server even someone has internet that is faster then 1GBit now at days.. and 1 Gigabit lan is 10 years old.. is outdated totally.

      And it's nearly time for PCI 4.0 on motherboard, i read it will be available next year.. My FX990 chipset support PCI 2.0.. WHY has AMD not made a faster FXxxx chipset for more than 5 years now.. in that time i got the FX chipset it was the fasted AMD GAME chipset in that time. but AMD has completely forgot it, why has the FX chipset NOT been upgraded at all for 5 years... AMD focus has been on laptop and tablets, and You can´t play a prober game on a laptop.. Laptops sucks, they are handy, they are light weight. and the battery after 2 years time.. and then the children drops the laptop on the floor the screen crack, like a ICrapple phone.. real gamers USE desktop PC, the CPU in a laptop use max. 18W and that tells the whole story, a desktop cpu use app. 130-200W that's the reason it's faster with every thing.

      So Please work on something that is useful for real people

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          Just want to point out that the performance difference between PCIe 2.0 and 3.0 is between 2-6 frame rate gain. Personally, 5 fps would not force me to buy a new motherboard and change processors, I strongly doubt that your PCIe 2.0 is bottlenecking your system.


          As far as 10Gbit LAN, unless you sit there and transfer movies back an forth between systems on your LAN all day long then I see no need for 10Gbit capable LAN set up. However, if for some unknown and crazy reason you do need to transfer a movie to another PC in your house within fractions of a second, I guarantee you that either

          a. Your router isn't up to par to handle it yet

          b. Your HDD/SDD will most likely throttle you first
          c. You don't even have CAT6 or CAT7 cables in the house

          d. If you are for some reason using WiFi, then unless you have an 802.11ax router, you are wasting your time.


          SOURCE: PCI Express Scaling Game Performance Analysis review - Article - Guide - Review

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              Thanks for answer, I did not expect someone defending that old technic.. But back to answer your questions :

              A. No my router can not handle 10Glan, but i´ll not buy a router that can becuase they are crasy expensive adn mostly for industri for the moment and that is not going to happen before the motherboard will work with 10 Gigabit lan on RJ45 cables (cat7 or cat8) i don't care to replace them..

              B. My harddisk is working in Raid mode also my intern PCI hdd have 2500Mbit in write/read speed not a slow 600Mbit SSD on Sata III .. and even a speed off 600Mbit SATAIII is nearly as fast as the 1Gbit lan, and in raid mode it is faster. therefore 10Gbit i much more useful.. And its doesn't matter what to move between anything, it will always be faster as it is now the Lan speed is slower than the rest of the computer, to day you have USB 3.1 why nothing external is that fast but its possible to make, that is the same for 10Gbit lan its is possible and functional why not use it.. also 1Gbit lan is slower then a set of RAID SSD on sata, and much slower then PCI M.2 SSD, and slower than most NAS servers.. and on and on... I can keep going with things that will work faster and better with 10Gigabit lan speed.

              C. Yes all my house has Cat 7 cables. what do you expect, a amature asking for more speed I do know much about hardware. and that is Why is challange AMD for more speed not someone how live in the stone age, 100Mbit lan is faster enough.. no no no.

              D. nobody serious use WIFI for nothing, except reading mail on tablets, telephone and suchs.. did you not read what i wrote about Laptop PC. do you expect i use wifi for anything that has to be stabile and fast.


              and you say "you don´t think PCI 2.0 is make no difference" that is not the point. I think it will be faster that´s the reason PCI 4.0 soon arrive why else.


              But what my question was all about was WHY is LAN not upgraded 10Gbit is ready for use : Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540 Family and that is ready on AsRock motherboard, but AMD has not a Chipset ready ...... WHY NOT i don't want Intel.


              I simply do not understand you defense for using 1Gigabit, 1 gigabit lan is about 10years old.. I don't expect you working with hardware since you have that defensive opinion on Slow lan.. I expected AMD to replay "its coming next year" with FX1010 or what ever they want to call it.. or maybe just wake up from the dead and get working in progress with something that they has forgotten That exist

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                  The single best upgrade in computers right now I feel is the m.2 drives(pcie3,pcie2 respectively...  The next will be the new gpu's coming out within the next 2 months.


                  Yes your fx8350 is old, but you could add an ssd, if you havent already, and breathe new life into your system.



                    My isp just had a system upgrade, I went from 30mbps to over 200mbps internet connection.  I had to spend a $100 on a router, and ordered the stuff to make 4 cat6 cables. Wired my living room for my two gaming computers and my home theater pc and was able to upgrad to gigabit lan speeds finally.. Yes its a big difference for my htpc, gaming I really cant tell much difference with the 200mbps connection..   My noticeable gaming upgrade was building an entire new I5-6600k skylake platform, 250gig samsung 850evo m.2 drive, 480gig mushkin eco3 2-1/2" ssd for my game drive, and Sapphire Nitro Fury.. That system as a total was a huge upgrade to my fx8350 rig, but I am not very satisfied with the Sapphire Fury gpu..



                  I'm not sure amd would even upgrade a chipset for a 4yr old cpu. Other manufacturers might, I believe gigabyte and asrock have some nice motherboards out for the fx series, if you decide to go that route make sure you get m.2 drives...  I would assume they will build an entire new platform and new motherboards for the new zen system, as they are in the process of doing..


                  The fx8350 was a strong cpu, I've ran one for years and it never missed a beat, but this 3.5ghz I5-6600k runs much better and much more efficient..  You have to look at a computer as a complete system, upgrading one part will get you a little performance, upgrade them all, as a whole, and you get a lot of performance. You can only do so much with a 4yr old system, thats just how fast the industry changes. 

                  After looking back at my computers in my house they have about a 4 yr life cycle for gaming then they are downgraded to htpc or a general household computer, garage computer or if someone needs to stop by and borrow a computer for some reason....

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                Wheels are pretty old too, we still use them.

                Don't get me wrong, 10Gbit LAN is great but as of right now the only thing you can use it for is home networking through cables, meaning everything that is on your network would have to be 10Gbit capable. I understand that 1Gbit LAN is old but it is more then most people need right now. You are the 1% my friend and unless the mass majority has a good reason to go to 10Gbit LAN then you will still be stuck with MOBOs that can't support it. A company isn't going to release a new set of motherboards for a yet unneeded tech which most people don't care much about.

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                  What I gather form this is that you want 10Gbit LAN because it exists not because a reasonable amount of customers need it. Until they do, it is not a good business decision for AMD to invest into it.

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                      I don't think you are right it that term.. Do tell me that late development is the future for a firm as big as AMD..?? That could not be more wrong, And of cause i do not agree with you in the matter 99% don't need faster Lan, They also don't need high speed USB even Its the new Big sales thing nothing is better with USB3.1, the USB 2 work perfekt with all unit. I work as electronic technician in a big company today, and daily i operate with diagrams and layouts.., and That work slow on normal 1gigabit industri lan network. so don't tell me what can´t get a faster access to data on NAS, or online storage.

                      I do not agree with you attitude about what people need, In general people also think a bad car runs very well.. and the reason is they has never tried anything else. so they don´t know the possibility, I don't think you understand that. and the possibility that 10Gbit lan can be faster in the matter of high speed Lan will give some options, and the technology it ready and coming soon, probably not from AMD, if AMD has that attitude to development then the people need it,. That is the same to shoot yourself in the food.

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                      Rumor is October launch,  near same time as Battlefield 1

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                        themann Let me repeat myself again in a hopefully more clear way. Majority of the common PC consumers that have a computer at home, be it for gaming or other reason, DO NOT utilize the maximum 1Gbit LAN capabilities of their systems.The main reason is because their ISP can not provide fast enough internet. Out of that majority, only select few want to wire their whole house with CAT6 and CAT7 cable so that they can communicate between their LAN devices at optimal speed and in case they decide that its time to switch to 10Gbit LAN. The main reason to have any type of a network in the house is to access the internet, since you are limited by your ISP's speed capabilities then the other reason are very, for a lack of a better word, voluntary and unimportant nor are they a necessity.

                        It is completely different when it comes to processor speed, RAM, VRAM, cache and all other computing limiting items because they directly effect your PC/phones/tablets/laptops performance, nothing else besides the parts in your PC can slow down or speed up your system. Since the speed of your internet, which again is the main reason to have a LAN setup, is controlled by your ISP and is far slower then the maximum speed of your LAN then there is no reason to have 10 times faster LAN capabilities then what you will utilize it for. Think of it this way, if you have a Ferrari then you can go as fast as 217mph but unfortunately for you, there is a Speed Limit of 55 on this highway, sorry.