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Soon Looking forward for NEW FX Chipset. if that is coming at all

Question asked by themann on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by brucer

Hello AMD, I'm looking forward for updating the AMD FX processors for some time, Intel has between now and then I got th FX-8350 updated 2 times, But AMD hassen´t WHY.. The Problem is FX8350 with AMD990FX does not support PCI 3. neither it doesn't support USB 3.1, Neather it does not support 10 Gbit Lan RJ45 wired connection, not the optic with are overpriced.


WHY is the only thing coming from AMD, GPU accelerators, how need that and for what.. Companies maybe, NOT consumers.. We NEED NEW motherboards WIth faster connection, NOT higher speed on GPU they are fast enough i got a ONLY AMD 6950 witch running with 3 monitors and games run smoothly and perfect its all other surrounding that NOT keeping up, it doesn't matter with extra CPU speed anymore they are so fast and has been for several years now, it's complete not unusable with 0.5Ghz extra clock on the CPU. Please come on AMD.. make the 10Gbit lan connection as standard on motherboard everybody has a NAS or some kind of high speed server even someone has internet that is faster then 1GBit now at days.. and 1 Gigabit lan is 10 years old.. is outdated totally.

And it's nearly time for PCI 4.0 on motherboard, i read it will be available next year.. My FX990 chipset support PCI 2.0.. WHY has AMD not made a faster FXxxx chipset for more than 5 years now.. in that time i got the FX chipset it was the fasted AMD GAME chipset in that time. but AMD has completely forgot it, why has the FX chipset NOT been upgraded at all for 5 years... AMD focus has been on laptop and tablets, and You can´t play a prober game on a laptop.. Laptops sucks, they are handy, they are light weight. and the battery after 2 years time.. and then the children drops the laptop on the floor the screen crack, like a ICrapple phone.. real gamers USE desktop PC, the CPU in a laptop use max. 18W and that tells the whole story, a desktop cpu use app. 130-200W that's the reason it's faster with every thing.

So Please work on something that is useful for real people