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HD5730, Windows 10 64bit, crimson 16.2.1 beta driver

Question asked by wopro on May 5, 2016
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I have upgraded my notebook (MSI GE700, MS-1733), to Win 10, 64bit.

It has switchable graphics with intel hd (cpu) + mobility radeon HD5730.

Energy saving mode is not working with the latest AMD crimson drivers - Wake up is not possible, black screen, sometimes reboot,,,

Energy Report says (german):

Funktionen der Plattformenergieverwaltung:PCI Express-ASPM (Active-State Power Management) deaktiviert

PCI Express-ASPM (Active-State Power Management) wurde aufgrund einer bekannten Inkompatibilität mit der Computerhardware deaktiviert.


Are you going to offer new drivers to solve that problem?


best regards, wolf