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    Driver Upgrade for R7 - Confused and Scared!


      Hi Support Team;

      This a general question in regards to updating the video card drivers;


      I have a Radeon R7- 250

      It came with a CD and I have installed the drivers software as per CD Version:

      My OS is windows 7 - 64 bit


      I now like to upgrade to the latest video card software version;


      The reason why I am "Confused and Scared" is because within the support/download page there are several versions available as follows and need to know which one is applicable for my video card:

      Crimson Edition 16.5.1 Hotfix


      Crimson Edition 16.3.2


      AMD Minimal Setup * Crimson Edition 16.3.2


      So out of all the above options which one is the correct one to install?


      Thank you