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radeon settings advanced settings not responding

Question asked by thub42 on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by thub42

I have just updated to this 'new and improved' crimson from the, by comparison, fantastic catalyst control centre. and I have the following problems.


First: After installing crimson I had several Qt5 dll files missing. Those being Qt5Quick, Qt5Core, Qt5Widgets and Qt5Winextras. I have reinstalled the latest version, hoping that it would install these dll files. Well, I reboot the pc and it appears to be running fine this time, until I try to open any advanced settings. All that happens now is that I clisk Radeon additional settings and nothing happens. I am now thinking that the fresh installation has not installed the above dll files, it just thinks it has.


Can anyone out there help me?  I am beginning to wish that AMD had stuck with CCC instead of 'improving' it.