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After updating to Crimson 16.4.2 graphics drivers crash when turning monitors back on

Question asked by bmj206 on May 4, 2016

GPU - XFX DD R9 290X 4GB

Hey all,

  As the title says my drivers crash when turning my dual monitors back on (HDMI/DVI-D).  I have tried fresh install of both graphics and chipset drivers. Am I alone on this or are there others? Another issue with crashing drivers is when playing BF4. I know 290's run hot and I keep an eye on temps, but when my GPU temp hits 63c's the drivers crash. I went and tried to find some info on the issue and came up with the conclusion that something was throttling down my voltage to my GPU to fast and the drivers could not recover. Am I close? If so/not what else can I do besides re-install prior drivers?




Image attached with all current drivers installed


amd support.PNG