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r380 Blackscreen. 16.1 16.2.1 16.3.2 ect ect.. (RUST)

Question asked by parabellum87 on May 4, 2016

Cant play Rust anymore due to my monitor dying and turning black so i have to reboot my system. Tried the 15.1.1 Driver but got a drivercrash (Not dead monitor tho).
Seams to work for some in dx9 (i crashed after 30 min gameplay) In dx11-12 it crashes within 5-25 min. And keeps crashing.


Asus VN27H
z107a Gaming Pro

i5 6600k

r9 380 Nitro 4 gig
Crucial Sport DDR4 Dual Channel Kits 2x4 2400MHz Dual channel.

650w Dont remember but i think it was corsair gold.

Hopefully i can enjoy Rust in the future drivers. Excuse my lack of english.